Project & Construction Management

Whether your property is in need of capital improvements, tenant improvements, or deferred maintenance repairs, Property Services Inc will develop the best solution possible for the project.

The Portfolio Specialists at Property Services, Inc. are trained to supervise a vast array of construction projects. The designated manager will first write a set of project specifications for a related project and submit the specifications to a minimum of three vendors and obtain competitive proposals. Once a contract is awarded, the designated manager will schedule the project, obtain certificates of insurance that list the necessary entities as additional insured, supervise the project from inception to completion, and keep both property ownership and the tenants informed of all project expectations, developments, and timelines. Throughout the project and upon project completion, the manager will ensure that all of the necessary partial and final lien waivers have been collected from all contractors involved.

Project & Construction Management is a very thorough process, when applied to a project in a proper fashion. The Project Managers at PSI are trained to observe a potential project and determine the best possible solution, regardless of the building material in question (asphalt, concrete, roof, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, fire suppression, structural, etc.), and write the best set of specifications possible for the project. The project specifications are submitted to qualified preferred contractors to obtain proposals that are based on the exact specifications. Once the project is awarded, the Project Manager monitors the progress of the project from inception to completion, and updates property ownership and tenants along the way.